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Ramadan Letter (Part 2): The Last 10 Nights

All praise is due to Allah, and may endless blessings be upon His Beloved Messenger Muhammad, his Kin, and his Companions. 

Once again, these are excerpts taken from the book Kanz Al-Najāḥ wa As-Surūr (The Treasures of Success and Felicity) regarding the benefits and special qualities of each month. Now that we have reached the last 10 days of Ramadan, we will focus mostly on the benefits of these blessed days.

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Hadith of the Week: Seeking Forgiveness

The Messenger of God, peace and mercy of God be upon him, said, 

"Whosoever asks God forgiveness for the believing men and women twenty-seven times* everyday will be of those whose prayers are answered and through them the people of earth are given provision."


* By saying, astaghfirullaha lil-mu’mineena wa al-mu’minat.

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Why could not God, like any good lord, simply pardon, on whatever condition seemed appropriate, those who repented? Why resort to the cruelty of subjecting his Son to a pitiless death?
Peter Abelard, a medieval Christian Theologian, commenting on the doctrine of Original Sin.